What image type, size, and storage restrictions are there?
You can upload JPG, PNG, and GIF images up to 5 MB. Accounts can hold up to 500 images or 250 MB total, after email verification.

Email verification is not required; however, to prevent malicious usage of this website, accounts are limited to 50 images or 25 MB until verified.

Additional storage space is currently under development and will be rolled out as it becomes available.

Are uploaded images resized or compressed?
No, the images you upload are saved exactly as they are, without additional processing or compressing.

Can images be organized into albums?
That functionality is not available currently.

Can images be shared and embedded?
You are free to share images and link to them, but please do not use images uploaded here as content for your website. Leanfoto is not a content delivery network (CDN).

Can other people see my images?
Only the images that you share.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several useful keyboard shortcuts you can use on image pages:


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